Betty arrived in 2016 at 14 years old as a companion to our elderly dog who pined away for his deceased mate. On her arrival she spent the first few weeks cuddling next to him and giving him lots dog kisses. Slowly Red came to life and was inseparable with Betty. She ruled the household including her human family. The local vets use her as their mascot and she even has her own Facebook page! She always gets her outfits from Petstock. In 2017 Betty got mammary cancer and with the help of the vets she was saved from this illness and is now cancer free. Betty continues her awareness campaign for other dog mammary cancer victims. Betty is an important member of our family. Since the passing of Red dog she often lays at his grave. She now has a mate Spider who is also a rescue dog. We love taking on old rescue dogs and giving them a chance of a new life xox

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