Oh Betsy, how you have changed our life for the better.
A few weeks ago, we were supposed to fly to Perth to see Amy Shark and we booked into a Perth refuge to find a new family member. Then COVID…
Not to be deterred, we contacted SAFE Karratha and Sue Hadley came to our home for an assessment and chat about what type of dog we were looking for and our lifestyle.
That night we received a photo of Betsy and fell in love. We arranged to meet her the next day.
Betsy was shaking profusely, the poor thing was so scared of people. Akira tempted her with treats and Betsy warmed up to her after some time. Betsy also was being treated for eCannis, a deadly tick borne disease. We so loved her and wanted to give her a forever home.
I completed the adoption process the next day and we picked up Betsy.
I was concerned about how Betsy would be when we got her home. She was so scared when we met her.
Betsy is a totally different dog to that first meeting. She has so much love to give as do we for her. SheloveswalksandtheparkandissoprotectiveofmydaughterandI.Betsyisperfectineverywayandwearesogratefulwehaveherinourlives

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