Bertie was seized by RSPCA after being left to die in an enclosure with a pig. He loved most people, though had no time for other dogs and was heartworm positive. We were asked to foster Bertie through his treatment and so started a mutual love affair. Bertie was big, strong, reactive, protective, super smart, totally loyal, an absolute snuggle bunny and the light of our lives. There were many times we thought "what are we going to do with him" though mostly "what would we ever do without him" After 6 months of training & reassurance, we were rewarded & so very proud that he had some doggie friends that he adored, walked on a loose lead and was very obedient. Heartbreakingly our beautiful boy got cancer and we lost him after only 18 months. He healed our broken hearts after losing our 11yo boxer, he taught us that patience and love can conjure past fears and behaviours and most importantly that you get back so much more than you give to a rescued animal….recently we welcomed another RSPCA rescue pooch, Archie, into our lives…but that's another story

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