My sister and I were out one day browsing through stores when we found ourselves in a pet store, and we found a cat with three legs that was really sweet. He was not getting adopted due to having the cat flu which is transferable to other cats, and never really goes away. We left the store, but shortly after, we received a call that our grandma had passed away from her longstanding battle with dementia. We both felt the same grief, then realised life is too short to not do everything we want, and spread kindness and love. We went back to the pet store adopted Bento, and we never looked back. Benny had only recently had his hind leg amputated and was still learning how to function without it. He would run away and hide under furniture. Now, Ben is running around the house at full speed with no care at all. It’s been wonderful to have him around, and his presence reminds me of the love we felt for our grandma.

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