We adopted Bentley from a puppy Farm (not the above mentioned farm) where he had been used as a stud dog but never loved and was no longer wanted.
When we first me him he was very timid and would flinch when we touched him, he was mattered and uncomfortable. Being a cocker spaniel we had allot of grooming ahead of us.
4 weeks later and he has completely transformed, he LOVES a cuddle, being brushed and is learning to play with us as a family. He likes to sneak onto beds and crawl under the covers, he dances at dinner times and now loves his lead (he was previously scared of it)
We a family of 5 couldn’t imagine our life without him now, hair on everything, cold wet morning walks are all worth while for the cuddles and watching him become a happy healthy doggo who is just loved and not being as a money maker

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