I fostered Benny – A 9 year old Golden Retriever. Saved from a pound, he had been sleeping on concrete floors, never been inside and probably never had a wash. He is an absolute sweet heart, but extremely anxious. Safe to say, Benny will have his golden years spent in a much better way.

As soon as I saw Benny's picture on lucky paws, I simply had no option but to apply to foster him. His sweet face and gentle nature just didn't deserve the treatment he had, especially at his distinguished age. Fostering Benny simply bought a warmth to both of us – we both learnt how to work and trust each other, gentle pats to cuddles on the floor. From a very shy Golden, to one that now has a smile on his face and a tail wag, it's safe to say his transformation was also one for me. I absolutely cherish my time with him and knowing he is now safe and happy.

Benny also reached the hearts of 1 Million people globally through my social media, demonstrating the importance of fostering. It was something for him to touch my heart, but another to share his story.

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