Wally’s was in need of some foster cares over Xmas. No worries we thought, we have two weeks off and the kids would love to have a friend for a little. When we arrived the place was filled with gorgeous pups but there was this little guy just hanging back waiting patiently for his turn for a cuddle. When he came up to us he just rested his head on our shoulder and we knew he was going to be our buddy for the next few weeks. We got him home and not only did we fall in love but so did the kids. Benji was gentle, loving and would not leave their side. This is when we decided there was no way this guy was going back. We decided to surprise the kids with his adoption on Xmas day. He has been by our side ever since living his best life. His favourite things are running along the beach, mountain bike riding with dad and doing school pick ups each day. Oh and don’t forget snuggles in bed before lights out. He has completed our family and we can’t image our lives without our best friend.

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