Belle and Lola are adorable Pomchi's. Rescued from a puppy farm where they lived in squalor, trapped in cages in a big shed with 100 other dogs, sleeping in their waste and being injected to go back on heat and get pregnant immediately after having a litter.
We drove 10 hours to pick them up and they were terrified, traumatised and very timid.
Un-house trained they did their business in the house. Because they were so traumatised I had to be super gentle and used only positive reinforcement to house train.
Lola was the most traumatised. She wouldn't let me pat her at all for the first two weeks. However Belle let me pat her and her sweet, gentle, happy nature melted my heart. The first time Lola let me pat her I was ecstatic. Their progress was slow and Lola took over a year to be able to walk off leash on the beach but now after 2 years they are the happiest, sweetest, most well behaved dogs I've ever owned. Every day I am woken with two happy faces and waggy tails. They are loved and adored and I'm so grateful they are in my life.

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