Sophie (Animal ID 12093), renamed Bella was adopted on 27/6/15. She came with Fear Aggression which we have overcome together. She was then diagnosed with Elbow Dysplasia, managed (after surgery) by diet and exercise. At 7.5 years of age I decided to start Trialling Bella to spend time together doing what she loves. Over 6 weeks, she had entered 9 trials and gained 8 qualifications, earning her TKS Title in Tricks and is one qualification off gaining her SWN Title in Scent Work. In August she will be entering her first trails in Rally O, which she will nail also. I got Bella as I had been on my own for 3 years after a 20 year relationship and saying good bye to my best friend 'Lucky' of 15.5 years, all within an 18 month period. My mental health at that point was not looking good, then along came Bella who has tested, pushed and been beside me every step of the way. Together we have turned our lives around, she has introduced me to a whole new world through her thirst for learning and she is no longer living behind a mist of fear and aggression.

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