Bella is our third rescue dog and came with the most issues. She took two days before we could pat her. We had to put wire over our outdoor setting as she was jumping on it and trying to chew it. She managed to chew anything plastic or rubber that she found outside even tried to chew an electrical cord which we had to tape up high on the wall and put metal cover over top so she could electrocute herself. We would come home and wonder what destruction we were coming home to next! We sought help from an animal trainer at our home to give us some tips on how to manage such an anxious dog. Some advice was very helpful . It still took over six months for Bella to stop chewing things when home alone. Bella was worth the initial stress. She loves her cuddles on the lounge and her car rides. I just need her to enjoy her walks more as she is still quite anxious outside the comfort zone of her home and fenced backyard. Bella is pure joy and we look forward to coming home to her now.

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