My husband and I got the call from SAFE HQ, that Bella, an 8 mo old Mixed Breed, had been abandoned at a local vet, in labour. We collected her and her 8 newborn pups that afternoon–naming the pups Beyonce, Blossom, Bliss, Bambi, Bitsy, Berlin, Bogart and Baron. Mum was seriously underweight at about 20kg and flea ridden, but had a lovely temperament. She could have been eating for Australia–we fed her every 2 hours the first few days! She and her pups were fosters # 25-33 for us, but we're NOT equipped for pups, so we set about finding another SAFE carer for her. Unfortunately Baron didn't survive, but mum and the surviving pups went to an experienced puppy carer for the next 8 weeks, after which all were either adopted or spoken for. Watching the change in Bella's condition even over the first few days was amazing.

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