For years I was thinking about adopting a dog and in December 2020 I finally got to adopt my beautiful dog Bella. She wasn't just another covid pup. Being diagnosed with breast cancer in August 2020 and going through treatment for most of the last 2 years, Bella has been a major improvement to my life. She makes me smile on days I'm sad and gets me out into nature on days I'm tired. Bella is a pup with lots of needs, she struggles with reactivity and anxiety. With out behavioural vet we have been working on her interaction with humans and dogs and she has improved so much. She doesn't like to leave my side for long, but is always keen on meeting other humans and the occasional dog. When I leave the house for a bit she now quietly waits for my return, giving me all the love when I get home. I can't imagine my life without Bella. She might be more work than people bargain for when they get a dog, but in my eyes she is perfect.

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