I put my name down to adopt a dog as soon as I purchased a home of my own. Since it was a townhouse, I was looking for a smaller dog. Beau became that dog.
I was shopping when I got a call from AWL letting me know there was a poodle x that suited my criteria. Although I wasn't sure on the poodle side of things we took off to view him. It was love at first sight for both of us. He was warm and cuddly and I couldn't not take him home.
Beau was estimated to be between 3-4 when I adopted him. Hes been with me through house moves, bunked with my sister when I went overseas, guarded my niece when she was born, supported me through may relationship ups and downs, and was there when I was diagnosed with cancer and aided in my recovery. He also gave early approval to my now husband.
Its been 12 years since Beau and I became family. Hes always had a keen sense of adventure and, even now, appears younger than what he should be. Hes always been great around children and loves the beach.
Beau is home.

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