My dear Bear. He arrived skinny, brutalized, terrified and damaged physically and emotionally. The group said he was treated like a second class citizen. It’s been a difficult journey involving experts but I never gave up. He now trusts me, loves me and I really don’t know how I deserve his devotion. He would give his life in a heart beat and had at times protected me. He is so much part of my life I dont know at 14 years old I will continue without him. He has been everywhere with me over the years – Sailing, living on my farm and comes your work every day with me still. I tear up as I write this. I love him. I adore him. He has comforted me in dark times, a marriage break up. Always a wagging tale, a lick and a soft body against me and that beautiful face! What is not to love about a beautiful trusting dog who has come from such a dark place and now is my ray of sunshine and continual shadow. He is sitting at my feet right now as he always does. My beautiful faithful, precious Bear. I just love you.

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