Bear was surrendered for adoption by a member of the public with no knowledge of his background or indication of where he’d come from. He was ridden with anxiety, barked a lot, and appeared constantly on edge. I myself suffered depression, and having endured over 40-weeks of mandatory Covid lockdown restrictions I felt helpless and isolated. I believe Bear and I found other at a time when we needed each other the most. The bond we formed improved my own mental health, reflected in social and professional aspects of my life. Bear’s calming and affectionate nature has eased the anxiety, depression and loneliness that has plagued me for the past 18-months, and I have since been able to cease the medication that I once relied on to get through the day. I am not sure what Bear’s life was like before, but he is now happy, safe and loved unconditionally. So far he has accompanied me all over northern Tasmania and regional Victoria, and he brings joy to everyone he meets. Our favourite things are camping and finding new beaches, and he loves playing with other dogs and no longer barks. We are so blessed and grateful for each other.

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