In the beginning of May my cat Tj was tragically killed by a car. My heart was absolutely broken. A few weeks passed and I felt lost and empty without him. My partner then said to me one day let’s go see the shelter just to see. As I stood in the Cattery, I was overwhelmed by all the cats. Then these sleepy green eyes met mine and walked up to his door. I went in and held him in my arms and as I started crying (being so overwhelmed) he purred so loud and tucked his chin under mine. I knew I wanted to take him home. When I met him at the shelter he was tiny and a bit shy but over the last few weeks he has blossomed into a beautiful soul and hasn’t left my side. He is full of joy and super playful and loves destroying all my study notes. He follows me all around the house and randomly decides it’s exercise time at 3am. Bean has lifted my spirits so much and helped me heal. I’m forever grateful for him and the joy he has brought back into my life.

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