I had sworn off cats but my son was in love šŸ˜ so we adopted little quiet snuggly runt of the litter Basil unusually coloured ginger , as a last minute ā€œwe canā€™t leave him behindā€. we were originally going to adopt only his sister Thyme(the cheeky crazy one lol) but we fell in love with them both so about a year & half ago we brought our babies home with us . Unfortunately poor Bas, smaller but with the BIG voice & big smooches , has had ongoing nasty dermatology issues that started when he was one so heā€™s getting up his frequent flyer miles to the vet with multiple & new intermittent wounds on his back paws & face, has spent large chunks of the last 8 months in a cone despite all kinds of medications strict diet changes in environment checks/indoors ,waiting for specialist treatment now . Despite all that , he has adapted to ā€œcone lifeā€ and daily medications squirts ( hate it mum!)and when his sores arenā€™t bad is still playful, a beautiful trusting smoocher, so patient, loudddd chatterbox, an old soul. We love our little man we are blessed to have in our familyšŸ˜

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