I have a number of mental and physical Issues for many years . It was suggested to me that I adopt a pet, as usual one says"Yeah Yeah". . I looked through around the internet one day as my carer suggested to get a greyhound. I thought that it would be to big,etc – basically every excuse under the sun. Then I found the website of the "GAP SA" program and saw a female dog that I would like to meet. Contacted GAP SA, filled the application in and spoke to them about the dog. They suggested that they had a male dog who would be a perfect match for me. I said OK I will come down and have a look at both of them. I meet Barton and there was an instant bond between us , he came home that day without saying anything more. Since he has become my assistance dog(mind you with very little training, he just stepped into the role). He is my constant companion and I'm his we have been each other savior and good for each other in so many ways.

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