I met Bargearse as Draco one night about a month ago , my brother and I met him and his foster carer Maree. He’s a big boy but just the right size for me, my last dog was a Rottweiler so Draco, a Rottweiler cross Mastif is a good size but there was one problem, I had my heart set on finding a BTB (my sister calls them Black and Tan bastards)
But when I got the call I had to meet him because it was only the second application approval id had in the six months I’d been applying on the pet rescue site.
So here we are and he’s a lovely big boy who seems a bit indifferent about me . Fast forward to five days later and he wants to be by my side and I won’t have it any other way.
I took him home and he made himself comfortable by finding my bed and jumping onto it, and I was so happy because it’s been two and a half years that I was without a dog after having to put my old Rottweiler down at only five .Bargearse got his name because he barged int

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