I lost my Kelpie Max in February 2014 and promised I would never have another to break my heart. My husband kept going out to Manning Valley Rescue and there was always this Black Wolfhound sitting on his own. I don't think anyone wanted him maybe because of his size. After much annoyance by my husband I eventually went out to see this dog. He was so sad looking and I went and sat with him for 15 minutes and eventually started to call him Banjo. Of course we took him home in the July of 2014 and he just took over our hearts with a lot of love given by him and us. I have always said that my Max sent him to us and now he is a big part of our family. He is still with us, eight years this month of July 2022 and he turned nine and half years January 2022. He is with us twenty four hours a day and goes everywhere with us. A loving faithful companion.

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