I thought fostering would be a good way to see if dog ownership was right for me, before committing to buying or adopting one.

DRN were recruiting new foster carers for dogs in urgent need. Banjo was found dumped in a skip bin with his body covered in callouses caused by spending his life tethered to a hard surface. I really didn’t know what I was getting myself into, but he needed help.

From the moment I collected him, he's been the most affectionate dog I've ever known. Surprisingly, he's never shown any aggression and only craves human contact (he’s actually a bit of an attention seeking junkie)!

Over the next month I provided him with shelter, food and most importantly, love – and this he returned tenfold – and when his vet work was complete, he was ready for adoption.

It was only as the applications started coming through for his adoption that I realised I couldn’t live without him – this goofy boy had stolen my heart and he’d already decided to adopt me – it was fate. Banjo isn't the designer dog I was planning on getting – he’s so much better.

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