Banjo was heartless left behind and tied up to a fence in the backyard of a rental property in Townsville, North QLD. By the time the property manager found him he didn't have any food or water left. He was then taken to the Townsville RSPCA shelter where he spent over a month. His life finally started looking brighter when Angel Paws INC decided to rescue him and I was so blessed to be the chosen one to pick him up and be his foster mum. Our unique friendship started from the moment he jumped in the car. He was the most intelligent, sweet, cuddly and gentle giant ever. Banjo quickly learnt some manners, house rules and learnt to trust humans again. 5 months later he found his wonderful forever family and up till now they keep sending me updates of him living the life that every dog deserves, a life full of love. The most rewarding part of being a foster carer is to know that you have changed someone's world for good and for ever. He also taught me to never look back but to embrace every single minute of your second chance in life with gratitude.

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