I'm Bandit, I was surrended to the RSPCA because I was too boisterous and kept getting out of the yard. I heard a lady inquire about me one day and the RSPCA was telling her that I was a handful, couldn't be around small humans, played really rough with other doggy friends and needed to have a home that could handle me. I was worried because that really wasn't me at all. Thankfully she said that was what they wanted, an energetic and playful pup for their other furbaby. My ears pricked, can you believe it she wants to meet me! So I met with her, her boyfriend and my new brother. I am not a fan of men especially in high vis and well that was a rough and slow start, I didn't really want to know my new Dad, but I LOVED my brother and quickly warmed up to Mum. I went home with them 5months ago and now I adore my Dad, if they say their male friends are okay then I will be their freind too. I got to show who I really was a loving, gentle, fun, cheeky monkey who just wanted to be loved.

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