Bailey is a beautiful family member sleeping inside of a night . She protects us four girls barking when someone at the front door. But more important she is affectionate loving She has taught my grand daughters responsibility Bailey always comes first because she protects us . She has got us all walking and excising . Our life’s are more active and rewarding because of Bailey. Bailey can tell the time she knows and is at the front door or barking at 330 . That’s when the school bus is due. You only have to pick up her lead and she sits at your feet quietly for her lead to be place over her head. She loves a nice roll and play in the mud . Then a warm bath and fluff up (hairdryer) . Bailey is the girls very first pet . She is a member of our family She might be a dog but we love her and she loves us . She is a real ladies dog as not keen on men. Everyone should have a dog We are living the dream. Photo is of Bailey playing in the mud with Ayla and Kiera Thomas.


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