When B (Max at the time but renamed to B ) arrived home 11 years ago, he had been in and out of the pound a couple of times as he was a troubled boy that people could not mange with.

He was 4 and had been seriously abused before his arrival at the pound and his forever home 🙁

When you walked into the room he would cower in a corner, shake uncontrollably and wee also uncontrolably.

It took a lot of time spent trying to gain his trust and slowly over the weeks and months and years we did.

Over the years even if teh slightest bump fropm soemone when in the kitchen or walking in the door together etc, he would run away and hide behind the tv.

It took years for him to change.. bit by bit, finding he has a love for chasing ball, and working on that, to have these days what is a happy dog.

While having a few health issues he is stoically battling through, you can see in his eyes he is happy.

He even these when out walking has a strut about him, he now has confidence with that happiness

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