“Waaaaaaaaaaa!” that was the sound of a crying newborn Staffy cross Sharpei. These innocent angels only knew how to eat, drink and sleep. Their eyes have not yet opened to the big world that awaits them.
But this cute and fluffy litter of pups are rocks falling from a huge mountain, some will become dazzling gems that are treasured and loved, others will be cast aside like common granite. I am deafened by my pounding heart.
From the litter, one little dog came up to me and laid on my lap, his eyes shone into mine and he was my gem.
We took him home straight home after signing important forms for the adoption.
We spent days deciding on a name, Shadow, Buddy or, or ATOM! That was the name!
When we went to Thailand we left Atom at the kennel.
“Atom! Come here boy! We missed you!” I missed him so much. He came running as fast as lightning, but with a new doggy friend. They seemed like best friends ‘furever’!
She was much bigger.
We adopted her too. Now Atom and Kimba are the King and Queen of our household!

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