When we went into AWL, we weren’t expecting to adopt an animal, let alone another cat. That was, until we saw Atlas. She is a beautiful calico domestic medium hair. When we picked her up, she just cuddled into our chest and wouldn’t let go. She had only been in the cat room for 2 hours when we took her home.

Atlas was thrown out of a car window as a kitten. Her story was so sad and we knew we had to be her people. At first she was so timid and shy and would run away as soon as anyone came near her. She wouldn’t eat with the other cats and she slept in a box and would hide all day. One year later, she has come out of her shell and is living happily with two other cats. She is up on the bed every night for cuddles, and eats with the other cats. She is also super playful and loves her belly rubs! We are working with her on her anxiety and we couldn’t be more smitten with her.

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