Astro arrived at the RSPCA with a broken wing and facial mites, after having fended for himself in the wild. The vets patched him up, but thought he was unlikely to fly again. He was very scared of people, apparently never having been handled, and spent 5 weeks recovering before I saw him on the website and fell in love. I had only recently said goodbye to my previous budgie, Pip, but there Astro was: in need of a home and some special care to accommodate for his injuries. Within a few days of being adopted, Astro was singing (loudly!) and after a few weeks his face had cleared up too. It's now been a few months and throughout it all he has been full of surprises – first the very unexpected revelation that he can fly, and then an amazing response to training to reduce his fear of peoole. Astro has grown from the scruffy, wild, broken-winged bird that I adopted into a handsome boy who loves his treats, doing zoomies around the room, and singing to the lorikeets outside. I can't wait to see how else he matures and what other surprises he brings!

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