We adopted Asta when she was 6 months old. She was dumped as a new born at the gates of the shelter and lived in her cage until we saved her at 6 months. When bringing her home, she didn’t even know what a door or floors were and was terrified when the curtains moved with the wind. Asta is still timid , after 6 years, but has managed to settle in quite comfortably and become Queen of the house. She has a buddy called Fanta , a border collie and Fanta helps Asta when she suffers with her seizures, by laying her head on Asta’s and comforting her. It’s amazing to watch. A real protector. We have so much love for our Asta and to observe the transformation from being so frightened and timid , to the more confident girl she is today , is truly wonderful and rewarding. 🥰❤️💕Asta and Fanta are an absolute blessing to each other and to us.

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