Aslan has always been a beautiful natured, cuddly boy. However, he suffered with a lot of anxiety – particularly when we'd leave him home alone. He was also petrified of water. It was so bad he would run away from his water bowl if we were in the vicinity. Over time he became more and more trusting of us, allowing us to walk him around the local lake – which always finished at the dog park. He doesn't quiet understand fetch, but loves to run with his dog friends. About 8 months after we got Aslan, he became a big brother. This was a wonderful moment for him. He had a best friend to cuddle and play with all day long. His sister was more out going than him and really helped push him out of his comfort zone and show him that whilst the bath may be some form of monster, rivers, pools, rain and other water sources are great fun. On a recent camping trip Aslan dove straight into the water, leaping about. Only weeks before was he barely wetting his tummy before running away. We're so happy he's becoming such a confident, happy boy.

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