Asher (Nee Charlotte) came into our lives 5 1/2 years ago. We just lost our beautiful cat gizmo to a hit and run outside our home. We were devastated and our hearts were broken we swore we won't get another cat but there was a void we had to fill and we always had a cat in our lives. So off to rspca we go and we meet Asher who at the time was called Charlotte. Poor little Asher who was meant to be 5 months at the time looked like a 2 month old kitten she was tiny timid scared and her nerves were shot we brought her home and introduced her to her brother Apache a german shepherd and the rest is history they were inseperable and never left each other sides she has grown up to be a beautiful gorgeous spoilt little princess amsd we won't have it any other way she lost her brother 1 1/2 years ago but now has a new german shepherd puppy Spirit and who she bosses around.

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