Arthur came into our care 7 weeks ago, within the first 48 hours our timid 10 month old Staghound had jumped out fence as he was so used to being on the streets after a life of neglect and abuse.

We got him back thanks to Millys Search and Trap company and ever since then have been forming an unbreakable bond with him. Arthur is a special case as he can’t be left home alone due to his habitual fence jumping and wall chewing, but we have made out schedules work so we can make sure he is safe at all times.

The puppy that was once too scared to play or relax in our home now plays with toys and is no stranger to a big snuggle on the bed.

We are now working on his anxiety with natural remedies, training and making sure this big goofball has the best life possible while he is in care with us.

We have loved fostering since we first started but Arthur has won our hearts along with his two pup brothers hearts as well.

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