Artek is our white swiss shepherd boy who will be turning two in August this year. Although Artek and our two cats aren't rescues I have always wanted to help those pets in need. We have fostered dogs for half a year before we got Artek to make sure our busy household would cope with getting a canine family member. Artek arrived to our family right before Covid-19 struck. When Artek turned one and I thought we've worked enough on his manners and training we started fostering again. Rescues were inundated with pregnant cats and kittens so I decided we could help. I was a bit cautious about Artek taking part in raising the kittens at first, however he proved to be a very gentle giant and became a great co-parent providing our mumma cat relief from the kittens while they were out to play. Even though he was very excited to take part in the crazy zoomies around the living room he knew better to be laying down patiently and letting kittens come to him. We've successfully fostered two kitten litters so far and hope to take more on in the near future.

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