In October 2019 we adopted our gorgeous American Staffy cross, Aria via Townsville foster and rehoming. Aria was part of a large litter with their mum left all alone only days before giving birth, riddled with ring worm and malnourished. When we first met Aria she was missing large patches of fur and still fighting ringworm. TF&R did an incredible job improving the health of the litter and provided us with guidance to continue her healing. Since the early days Aria has moved from strength to strength and is now a beautiful and mostly well behaved pup who loves to run, wrestle, explore and have a good snuggle. Aria completed puppy school at Petstock and has shown so much intuition towards scared dogs and providing them with lots of love and support. Aria is there when im not well and undoubtedly makes us laugh every day. She is truly so much more than we ever expected and is the perfect fit for our family.

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