Ardern (Ardy) came to me after he separated from his bun wife, Jacinta. Ardy came in to care after living for 9 years in a cage. He was very grumpy and let me know from day one that he would make the rules. When I took him for his vet check we discovered that he had severe dental disease. He was given a year to live due to the infection in his jaw. He needed several teeth removed which was risky given his age. Ardy did so well with his surgery and we started him on daily antibiotic injections that he would need for the rest of his life. Ardy learnt his name, and with time began to come to me. After several months he allowed me to occasionally give him head pats. Ardy isn't a cuddle bunny and needs his own space, but I love that about him. He is still a very happy bun who loves to binky. Due to his medical condition and age Ardy wasn't suitable for adoption so I adopted him. He is a grumpy old bun, but he is my grumpy old bun!

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