We adopted Archie August 2018 when he was 7 months old. He's now 4.5years old and it has been the best journey and fun my daughter and I have had. He's made our days that much brighter coming home to our goofball and playing with him, taking him bushwalking, to the beach, and to the dog park. When we brought Archie home it took him about 2-3 weeks for his quirky personality to finally break through whatever reservations he had. He was cautious around strange men but great with my daughter. Having Archie part of our family has made us feel more secure at home and just knowing he's there to cuddle or scratch when we've had a bad day brightens our mood immediately. We are definitely more active now that we have adopted Archie. He loves when we go out bushwalking on the weekends. About 6 months ago we began agility training which he is loving (especially the tunnel) He has such a strong presence in our lives now we would be devastated if anything were to happen to him.

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