Our beautiful Archie waited patiently for over a year for his forever home. As a large dog breed, he wasn't as popular; and he looked rather fierce in his photo; which belied his gentle nature. Additionally, he needed a family sensitive to his trauma history. It took a few weeks, but Archie found his 'voice' and it wasn't long before he asked for more and more of his favourite walks along the dirt road to the local nursing home and back.
Being such a sociable gentleman, with a love of hugs and cuddles; we wondered if he may enjoy satisfying his curiosity by visiting the nursing home residents and staff he'd been taking an interest in. That's how it started. Now he's a regular volunteer and enjoys his weekly mingle among the residents, collecting pats and smiles.
He astounded me one afternoon when he repeatedly urged me into the room of a newly admitted elderly man who was lying in bed surrounded by loved ones. Archie rested his head on the man's chest, and just waited with him. It was enormously comforting for the family. We'll never know if the man knew whether Archie was there; but Archie knows.

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