I was intending to adopt a dog as a playmate for my Lhasa Apso, Tashi and as there weren’t any in the store that day I looked at the kittens available .. never been a fan of cats but the fact that I took a pic of her and sent it to my daughter, she said I think you need to go back into the store and get her, so I did.. best decision of my life .. I had lost my husband in 2019, my brother in 2016 and my sister in 2013 .. life was lonely .. Arabella is so affectionate and loving, she has filled my life with joy.. she’s crazy but inquisitive and so welcoming to any friends .. my late sister only ever had cats (11) and she would be thrilled that I rescued one. She is an indoor cat only and now she knows where every viewing spot is in the house and all the heating vents are and of course she loves her high cat scratching tower.. she also sits with me in my sewing room whenever I am quilting .. she loves to watch paper coming from the printer. I love her.

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