We had been concerned about getting a tiny kitten as our son is 4. Annie was 3mo puuurfect. We always checkout the enclosure at petstock but recently there either hasn’t been anyone in there or they were already adopted. Annie immediately spoke to our son. She told him a huge story and he was besotted. Our teen daughter came into the shop next, apparently we weren’t leaving without Annie. We had to leave and do other shopping, she whined for us the whole time we were gone. Our journey home was 2 hours. So we stopped and let her out of her cage about 1/2 way. She explored the car, found our sons beanie picked it up and nestled in on his lap For the rest of the journey. We had concerns that our other cat and dog would not accept her. At first she hissed and spat at them. A day and a half later and the 2 cats were playing and sleeping together. 2 months later she shares the dogs food with him. She is getting braver every day. Exploring and taking on every aspect of farm life. She drives us crazy and is the light of ourhome.

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