I own border collies. I visited Queanbeyan pound one a Friday afternoon to look at a border collie to foster. (Not for any rescue group I buy the dogs out right pay for all the vet work and rehab and find a loving home). The border collie in question had found his forever home but as i was about to leave a saw this tiny pup. When I asked the staff about her they advised me she had six names on her. As i walked out i said call me if you need help. Monday at 4.30 i get a call to say the pup has until 5pm before she is put down. I made it with 2min to spare. My husband saw her and just said you know she is staying. With in 10 min she had all the borders wrap around her little paw. 5 years later Annie is still the little boss. She is a Jack Russell X Chihuahua (sorry unable to get a photo with myself but supplied one of Annie)

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