Our Angel was a stray that wondered into our yard around 4 weeks ago. She was very skinny her coat was all matted and she was lost. We took her in, gave her a good feed, bathed her and groomed her coat. I managed to track down her owner but unfortunately he was not in a position to look after her any longer. I told him if he agreed we would happily take her and give her a good loving home. He was happy as he had previously tried to rehome her but she had then been abused. She has lived up to her name Angel, as we had only recently had to put our own dog to rest a couple of months ago, so we are still grieving her loss. Angel has helped us to heal, and at the same time she has blossomed, I guess she can feel how much we love her already and feels safe. She is a beautiful girl and we feel privileged to be her new family.

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