Aloe came into our care with her sister Vera for The Rabbit Sanctuary after being surrendered to the pound. Vera was quickly adopted, but Aloe was much more challenging to handle! She is the smartest, most active bunny we have ever looked after, and we have now cared for 26 foster bunnies! She was bored and lonely by herself, so we bonded her with a boy bunny companion and she was adopted out to a lovely home. Sadly though things didn't quite work out as any of us had hoped, and unfortunately her bonded companion also died. Aloe also sustained an injury to her right ear which is now permanently flopped, and was returned to our care. Aloe was biting, growling and very distrustful, but using the rescue's "snuggle coat" technique we have very slowly rebuilt trust with her, and will continue to work with this beautiful bunny who just wants to be loved. She is the most sassy, bossy, spirited bunny ever – but we will never give up on her. The Rabbit Sanctuary has a lifetime return guarantee for any adopted bunny, and we will honour that promise. We've created a fan page for her at:

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