We went looking for Ally on my Nans birthday, our first one without her.
Instantly we fell in love with her, and she has impacted our lives only in a positive way.
Even though she has FIV it didn’t matter to us.
She is the most well behaved, loving and friendly little kitty.
Since getting her, she has come more and more out of her shell. She is so much more playful, and cheeky and loves to always be around us relaxing.
Since getting her, she has put on a little bit of weight… the vet told us she is a little chubby, but we both agreed as long as she’s happy and healthy we don’t mind one bit!!
Ally is great for my partner and I as we both work shift work, someone is mostly always home with Ally, and she is the perfect company for us when we are home alone. And, when we both have time off together she is that perfect extra to complete our newly growing family.
Ally is our first fur baby and she is the most perfect angel.

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