Just after Easter I rescued Alina and 3 males from a local park. They were cold, wet and all had holes in their ears. They were all so scared that night. All rescues told me they had no space. Trs kindly took me on as a foster carer so I could care for them and they could be adopted. We slowly built trust as she worked out I had warmth, shelter, food and water for them. They also had fleas which infested my house and treatment became expensive. 2 weeks later I got woken up from my own Rabbit at 3am thumping outside the door of the room Alina was in. I opened the door and there was 7 beautiful baby bunnies. With the help of trs I took care of the babies since birth. They have all been adopted and are as cute as ever. After everything I went through with Alina now loves me as much as I love her and is a licker! I couldn’t let her go after everything we went through so I decided to adopt Alina and she is now mine ❤️

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