When we took Alfie in, he was a tiny 6 week old kitten who meowed nervously unless we held him close to us and he felt safe. He was very unwell, crying out in pain before doing his business and always seeking us out for comfort and reassurance.

The peak of his poor health was when he vomited and passed blood – this poor boy who didn't have the heart to even drink, let alone look at his toys.

So we brought him to the vet twice in a couple of days, hugging him close. We changed the food – no difference. We changed his surrounding – no difference. Finally, one more food change and that was it.

He was a new kitten – full of life and now meowing in happiness before doing his business! He was full of beans, playing with his toys, and snuggling with us still.

I think he knew what we did for him and felt how much we worried for him. He would look up at me, while cradled in my arm.

We made him healthy again, and now he's with his forever home. But he made us realise why fostering is so important.

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