After a domestic violence crisis in 2017 a beautiful collie was rushed into rehoming. But when the couple turned up and took the dog something didn't sit right. His chip was flagged as a result of a facebook message and feelers were sent out into the community.
The rumours of dog fighting rings in Perth led me to a woman hills who was rumoured to have a warehouse full of caged dogs.
After asking around in wongan hills. and then sighting the male who took the dog originally . Who was with with another man in a park. I asked him how the dog was.
His mate sneered and said wich dog was that. Before walking off.
I followed some leads and went with a retired cop to a rural property. Leave the gate open he said as we drove in.
A bikie was laying into the dog when we pulled up.
The cop distracted the bikie while the dog limped over. I lead the dog into the camper hitched on the back. Shut the door. Rang the retired cop at the wheel and he said his goodbyes to the guy. We high tailed it out of there. chippedinmyname.f.u.

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