Albus Fumblepaw (aka Tittywix) – a country street cat who won over our hearts.
The story starts with my Nan, in my hometown; four hours from Melbourne. Nan lived alone and enjoyed the company of stray cats. Over the years, Nan’s cats were all named ‘Tittywix’…which must have originated from singing “here-kitty-kitty!”
Nan moved to a retirement village. This particular Tittywix kept living under her house. One day while home for Christmas, we found Tittywix injured, took him to the vet, and realised how special he was. He never grumbled despite his pain. He was so affectionate. Aged 15+ they guessed! When we had to go back to Melbourne, I couldn’t leave without Tittywix. I registered him, renamed him Albus…because he was a wise old man like Dumbledore…got him a haircut, and a red racecar bed. He hugged me the whole drive home.
From then on, Albie lived his best life…just like Nan, in his own retirement village. He became my best friend. He brought us joy. He reminded us to be grateful and give everyone a chance.
Last month, Albus got sick quickly and passed away peacefully. I miss him terribly, but to know his love was worth it.

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