We adopted our beloved little Ziggy and Maui last year and thought very our family was very much complete. I was talking to a friend at work who expressed interest in owning a cat and I of course showed her Pet rescue and encouraged her to find a bonded pair (from which she adopted a beautiful brother and sister) when I stumbled across gorgeous Alaska. Reading her bio it stated “Alaska is a shy girl who would suit a home with two other sisters to show her the way”. Purfect! We have our two beautiful babies Ziggy and Maui! So I poured a glass of wine and started writing in that application. And bobs your uncle we were accepted to be Alaskas forever family! Bringing Alaska home she was very timid and shy at first, but now she loves her cuddles and purrs demanding for me to lift up the covers during the night so she can come in for a midnight spoon. During the day she loves to play and snuggle in with her sisters and exploring the home for any nook and crannies that have yet been discovered. We could not imagine our loves with our stunning Alaska

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