We already had Leeloo (another Tortie) in our family but thought she’d benefit from having a sibling. When I saw a picture of Aiya at the RSPCA, I knew she would be the perfect addition to our family. They now watch birds, groom and sun themselves together in their boxes.

Aiya has such a playful personality and makes us laugh every day! She has a sweet personality with a splash of goofball. She is really intelligent and is keen to problem solve treat puzzles. We think she’s part dog as she sometimes growls at the front door when there’s a scary noise outside and one of her favourite games to play is to chase a tinsel ball. I have to give it a good throw (my throws are not always approved), she runs to get it and always brings it back!
She is the snuggliest, most caring little fluff ball and will snuggle up to me in bed or while I’m eating my breakfast while she kneads ‘biscuits’ on my jumper. We honestly can’t imagine our life without her, it was the best decision we made to adopt her.

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