Four years ago my husband and I adopted a black and white kitten “Abbey” from an RSPCA foster carer. She was very timid and scared, jumped out of my arms as soon as I picked her up, and ran away and hid under the carer’s bed. We don’t know her life story but she was obviously wary of strangers. She’s now a fully grown cat and lives in a loving household with our Schmoodle “Toby”. He loves playing with her, chasing her around the house, and having a friendly rumble in the backyard (see She just tolerates him. Abbey is still a little stand-offish, and doesn’t like being cuddled. We’re working on that. She sleeps on our bed for most of the day, and being a night owl goes outside in our backyard every night hunting mice and insects. She’s still very wary of visitors who come to the house, but feels quite safe in the house with people and animals she knows. We’ve been very happy at being able to give her a rewarding life.

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